Travelling while sitting in my armchair

Just yesterday afternoon I was watching on tv an episode of a very special documentary series: Venice-Bejing on a scooter.
The series is broadcasted on SitcomUNO an italian digital terrestrial channel.

Tibet - photo by Carlo Alberto CavalloTibet – photo by Carlo Alberto Cavallo – all rights reserved.

So far I only watched four episodes because I didn’t take note of the television daily program schedule. The anchorman Carlo Alberto Cavallo travels by scooter through different eurasian and eastern asian countries starting in Venice and ending in Benjing.

Very interesting and with stunning beautiful landscape images, taken in unusual places, was the episode regarding the Tibet region. Mr. Carlo Alberto Cavallo is very open minded and sensitive. He has the ability to capture the attention’s audience with his words and to transmit the same moods he perceive during the trip.

For those of you who don’t have the possibilities and/or the time needed for a long travel I would warmly suggest to watch Venice-Bejing on a scooter. The documantary is produced by Marcopolo-Sky, in case you don’t live in Italy, try to find out more about it on Sky and please report me if it’s available on your local area.

Why Venice-Beijing on a scooter? I am asked. A polite question, of generic interest, that I manage to avoid by answering ‘why not?’. What do you want to prove? That’s a good question. At least so it seems. A serious, wise question, by someone who knows that life has its direction, its destiny, if you want to call it that. So what do you want to prove? Nothing. I’m quite fed up with having to prove something. Neither to others nor much less to myself. Venice-Beijing on a scooter is simply that. Like the title says. With no other meaning except doing it.

Carlo Alberto Cavallo.

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