To blog or not to blog

William Shakespeare's theatre books - The complete worksA couple of years ago I wasn’t very convicted to start blogging. I always compared the blogs out there to a sort of teenage diaries. Not very interesting for a mid-aged man indeed.

I was wrong. I didn’t know very well the world of blogging. Blogs are now an important part of the Web and they will evolve even further -God only knows in which direction! Nowadays corporations are constantly increasing their presence into the blogosphere to consolidate trust and confidence with their clients. A new term is coined: Radical Transparency.

Anyway, blogs are very diverse in nature and they cover a wide variety of topics. I read regulary the ones devoted to technology and design.

One of the reasons that kept me from publishing my personal blog was the fact I didn’t know how to use it. I was a bit scared and intimidated by something that it seemed I was not totally in control. Again I was wrong. I checked out Blogger and it was very simple to learn and use. But again I wasn’t very impressed with its standard templates and I couldn’t imagine my blog without a whole new personal look.

Therefore I learned the most I could about proprietary Blogger tags and the learning curve was difficult at first. Anyway, I’m a web designer and I had not to learn all the nuts and bolts of coding a website.

A completely new visual design was created in Fireworks, then I decided to code the XHTML from scratch, because I didn’t like the ones used for the standard templates -too much classitism and span tags- after that I styled the page with CSS. The trickiest part was yet to come! Integrate the Blogger tags with my code. This was the most consuming task.

The only things that don’t work at the moment are backlinks. You can anyway create backlinks to your site but they will not appear on my weblog. Probably my weblog page is at the moment unreachable when googlebot try to crawl it.

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