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Me and part of my generation have grown up listening to alternative music during the late eighties and early ninties. Music from bands like Sonic Youth, Fugazi, Firehose, Slint, My Bloody Valentine and others as well, was the accompanying soundtrack of our daily lives. A lot of time has passed since then and I’m now struggling in nostalgia remembering the old good days. They are gone forever!

Blonde Redhead was one of those bands but the good news are they are back in the musical spotlight with a groundbreaking new album released on 4AD simply titled 23. Their music is now mature and intense. Musical instruments are employed with a minimalistic approach. Blonde Redhead are now able to compose perfect pop songs without compromising their attitude toward freshness and experimentalism.

Scott Hirsch has reviewed for Ground Control Mag one of the latest Blonde Redhead’s gigs taken place at Bimbo’s venue in San Francisco the 25th of April. Accompanying the review article you will find a beautiful Blonde Redhead photo gallery by Terri Loewenthal.

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